Safe and Sound Public Workshops at Touchpoint @ Mondawmin Mall

Safe and Sound Public workshops at Touchpoint at Mondawmin Mall took place over the first three Saturdays in March.  Participants were asked to think about the lights in their neighborhoods and respond to the prompt, "What makes you feel safe?". Using electroluminecent wire, led lights, paint and umbrellas, community members created light sculptures that represent the things that make them feel safe. Next week, workshop participants are invited to come together as a community to march in the Safety in Numbers Parade on April 7th at 8pm. Workshop participants will carry their light sculptures that celebrate safety through central Greater Mondawmin neighborhoods. The parade route will lead participants to the site of Beacon, a public light sculpture, installed in Hanlon Park, where they will find a stage and a night of variety of perfomances by dancers, musicians, and spoken word artists at the Safe and Sound presented by Sunsets at 9pm. These events are free and open to the public for all ages.  Check out some photos from the workshops.